Spelling M.A.1.L.L .. Well it is mistaken for MAILL.
The MA1LLMATIC, it refers to everything that MA1LL produces.
October 25, 1986 to Saturday, it bestows the raw in Japan.
It was out referred to as I wanted born on Halloween, from around 1993.
In the corner of "What now want" of graduation album of kindergarten starting with that wrote the "desk"
We want to start a full-scale easily draw activities.
And work hard to graphic design introduced a Macintosh than high school.
Activities in the genre-less as DOODLER now.
SIMI LAB affiliation. SIMI LAB, OKAMOTO'S, handle the artwork of SODA! Etc..
Of PUNPEE "IT'S THA MOTHER FUCKIN 'P" might there also those who had you know in a T-shirt.
Past nickname, "Sai-san" "Mikey," "Miles Maki", "mayonnaise", "Maimie," "melody" "Tongari cone"
Why do that contains the food.
In longing to "her pizzeria" to work about four years in the pizzeria.
Based on certain bookstore clerk. It was quit because I did not get used all the crew. Cash register work, book bags closed I love work.
Tereapo master. Namerashita Namerashita get better when it comes to work in bad. Graffiti book that earned draw in Tereapo era amounts to more than 20 books.
We want to introduce a pickled plum sour to the club because I do not want sloppy cocktail flea.
Mint poisoning. When there is money when you have a FRISK, usually at the time but was Mintia to settle in Mintia I noticed that delicious is more of Mintia.
I like dogs. Cats also little love. Summer housemate is spider. Most of the room is paper and clothes.
Sometimes referred to as a "garbage collector".
Mass of gag. Jan may be amusing ultimately anything.
It is not good at grasping the timing. I do not know the timing of return Toka when I went to a friend's house.
Apartments that remains until the end. (Finally return home with the last train)
Surprisingly stubborn. But, I say I immediately "good yo" in appropriate only in-situ glue.
I like salvation like no aftertaste bad way to end the movie.
I like to death to sleep. Even such life is dead while alive.
Impersonation but it is not done rarely good at.
Words out Tossa is English.
Generally we do with intuition.
Nothing I love people who play even without.
Listener. You hear anything hours. Most parrot.
When the motorcycle gang is no longer stay in Japan I think the end.
Professional operation of the moped. About No '10 accident.
Movement bullied and bad feelings.
Soon arbitrarily put nickname to people. Sleepy. Now sleepy.
I hate psychiatrists. I like the people of the road security (serious person only). Firefighter's cool.
Mind mind strong to weak. Train door side keep family.
The real force of the open door I do not to sleep by closing the window.
Herniated disc retention.
When you go to the sushi shrimp (knots Boyle), we do not eat squid, only shellfish scallop like.
It will be the activities of Nature system hag irregularly. Only "system" is the point.

You are if, is the real me when the true vice versa when first impression with me if there be had in me comes into view.